living in Iran as a female student has ups and downs,it's all about my life.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Am I a murderer?

It's 22:47 and we were coming back home with my parents, in Modarres Exp way we saw a Peugeot 206 stopped by another Peugeot simply because they were 2 boys and 2 girls in the same car. The people who stopped them had a remote siren on their car, two were wearing no uniforms,and one was wearing a military clothe carrying a machine gun, as if they were arresting some dangerous criminals.
Since Ahmadi nejad elected the extremists have the power again and it's been some days that they have started protesting . Here you can see a picture of them.
yesterday, some other people stopped my friends car in Shahrake Gharb, force her out of her car, and measured her Manto(Iranian Islamic Cover), they say it can be 10cm upper than one's knee, not more.
While there are drug trafficking, murderers, kidnapping,and so on... This government's only problem is the young people who are not fully covered.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Uranium enriched

  • After all uranium is enriched,UN nuclear watchdog chief is in Tehran for talks, amid international criticism of Iran's nuclear activities. Its announcement comes much earlier than many experts had expected.
  • There has been mounting international criticism of Iran over its announcement on Tuesday that it has successfully enriched uranium.
  • Saturday is announced as Iran's national day nuclear energy and it's gonna be a holiday.

In my opinion it's nothing but a show of power, after all they have been calling America,their number one enemy for 28 years, and they can not back off that easy. Its just a show for the people to show that now that we have reached to our target(which was uranium enrichment),we talk to Amrecica.Its only a show to keep their face, and claim that they are not losers of this game.

what do you think?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Am so tired of this place...

It's been a while that I'm not in the mood of writing, but today I realized that I can't stop myself from expressing my feelings about living in this part of the world...

  • have you heard that Iran president has decided not to change the hour for spring,he also has said that schools should start at 7 in the morning instead of 8.
    let me tell you the problems we have now:
  1. we are going to lose about 30Bl $ energy, only because the whole country should turn on their lights one hour earlier.(yet the government says that they haven't found any evidence that the change had any benefit)but this number is the result of scientific research.
  2. students should wake up at six, they will be sleepy till 9 or 10, just imagine a family having three kids in different grades, they have to leave home at 5:30 to get their kids to school. There has been discussions about this silly decision for days...

They say there's no scientific proof for it, of course there is not, cause there is no science in this place.

  • sobhaneh news website is blocked. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in an island, what is it that they don't want us to know what's going on in this country, it really pisses me off. We are not allowed to almost all other countries, they put noises on the cable news channels such as CNN or BBC unordered to stop us from getting some information and now, the only source of information is blocked either. No matter how, I just wanna get myself out of this place.
  • Iran and the US is going to negotiate Iraq issues, this decision has brought up so many arguments within the government, it has divided them in to twp groups, some beilive we should not negotiate, some say we should...


Sunday, February 05, 2006


*Iran has said it will no longer allow snap inspections of its nuclear sites, after the UN nuclear watchdog voted to report Tehran to the Security Council. After Iran revelution it is the first time that we are on the top of the news in every news channel. After yesterday news, that Iran was reported to the security council the dollar price increased, there hasn't been sanctions yet, but poeples' lives are being sanctioned.

What should we do if we don't want nuclear energy?

**Another interesting news,Mr. president said that Iran will cut relations with Denmark, (because of the Prophet Mohammed cartoon), So what, we don't have relations with any civilized country, lets add denmark to the list, what difference does it make?

***Most of the persian political websites are blocked in Iran, even BBC persian. Then we claim that Islam is the religion of democracy, in its nature it is. But does our act show a little bit of democracy. Prophet Mohhamed predicted that there would be a day that poeple who are not muslim are the true muslims, and the ones who are called muslims are the one who has nothing to do with Islam. Shame on us.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's not fair

How can I stop these tears from runing down on my face. 108 people were killed in a plane crash two days ago. A military plane crashed in to a residnetial region of tehran. Most of the passengers were journalists and reporters, they were going to a military manoeuvre. There were going by a military plane, no one knows why! There is no one to answer, as usual. How many innocent people should die, till our politicians realize that these economic sanctions are putting poeples' lives an stake? If there were airplanes, If we didn't need to buy second-hand planes from Russia non of these would have happened.
nice, very nice.

Monday, November 28, 2005

I am too lazy, I know!

What a week!
1.There was a quake in an Iranian island called Qeshm, there were 13 casualties until now. 300,000 homeless people .Qeshm is located in Persian Gulf.
2.Parliament's failure to endorse President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's third nominee for the post oil minister has come as a shock in Iran. The situation is so unusual that one member of the parliament's presiding board has now said they should refer the issue to the body which vets legislation - known as the Guardian Council - for guidance about how to proceed. The third nominee Mohsen Tasalloti received only 77 votes in parliament, with 139 against him.
3.Iran survived again. One Western official has been quoted as saying: "We don't hold many cards." Good for us. The US and the Europeans are hoping that Iran will consider a compromise proposal that would move the sensitive part of nuclear fuel production - uranium enrichment - to Russia.
4.The funniest news of all is that a clergy has been appointed as Tehran University chancellor. He doesn’t hold any academic degree. This one is a real insult to all of the academics of the country. Ayatollah Amid Zanjani,a high ranking cleric, was not welcomed at all and was badly insulted by protesting students in the university on Sunday morning. I think there is a difference between an internationally accepted scientific center, Tehran University, and a seminary school, where they teach religion there. Lets keep clerics in where they belong to.
5.Fortunately there has been a wave of protest in other universities, calling for the freedom of Akbar Ganji, an imprisoned reporter. Masume Shafiee, Ganji’s wife, claimed that he has been threatened by the prosecution team. They said he would be dead, even if he got out of jail. I think it’s safer for him to stay in there. At least no one is brave enough to kill him.

People believe there is a bloodless coup in the country. I think they are somehow right. All the mayors, ministers and the governors are selected from a military organization called Sepaah. I think it’s the time for all the students to start thinking what is happening in this place. Where are we heading to?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I donno what to say

Well. Well well
I don’t know where to start, economics or politics? In none there has been a progress.
1. As days are passing to the day of decision making about Iran’s nuclear program in the Security Council, Iran is losing its last chance of winning at least in some aspects of the issue. US suggested Iran to transfer some of its nuclear activity to Russia, in a place which US could directly observe everything that is happening. But Iran refused it, you know what, these people hate whatever that might help us to be trusted by the rest of the world.
2. The continuing downfall in the trade of stocks at Iran’s Stock Exchange market at an unprecedented rate, particularly after president Ahmadinejad’s remarks on the state of Israel two weeks ago, have lead a number of government economic advisors to propose to the administration that they temporary close Tehran’s Stock Exchange Organization. (rooz online) so, so, so, is there anybody to tell me why someone should be silly enough to keep his money here. They say the closure will be on next week. They won’t close the stock exchange to decrease its following political pressure. They think people will forget Mr. President’s remarks and its effect on everything in 2 or 3 weeks. Sorry Mr. President. Not only we can’t forget your continuous faults, but the history will remember it as one of the darkest periods of my beloved country.
3. Tehran university library was burnt. They say it’s because of the lack of the equipments, but is that an acceptable excuse? Tehran university is one if the oldest and best universities of Iran.
4. An appeal court has acquitted an Iranian secret agent of killing a Canadian-Iranian journalist, whose death in detention two years ago led to Canada's recalling its ambassador to Tehran, defense counsel said Wednesday. I receive 5 to 10 news alerts about Iran from CNN. This is one of them. Kazemi, a Canadian photojournalist of Iranian origin, died in July 2003. She was arrested while taking photographs outside a Tehran prison during a student demonstration.
5. UK didn’t accept Iran’s proposal on secret closing of Isfahan nuclear power plant, reported by Rooz online. But Iranian politicians still claim that, there are still solutions for Iran’s problems.
Is there anybody out there to help me, I really wanna know what solution they are exactly talking about?